RECORD CRACK: Ceschi releases songs as vinyl postcards

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If you’ve been a record collector for a decent amount of time, you have probably heard about Poland releasing records as postcards (here are some examples. The concept has been revived in 2010 by Ceschi, who has released the 3-postcard/record Postcard Package (Equinox). Each postcard features one song, so you’re getting a 3-song EP in the form of a set of vinyl postcards. The tracks were produced by DJ Scientist, with the artwork done by The Raincoatman.

To make it even more interesting, the EP will not be made available anywhere else, no digital release, no compact disc. More? Well, not too much more, since only 25 copies will be made. You can find out more about the set and see photos of the complete package by clicking here.

While record/soundsheet postcards are nothing new, for younger generations and to most Americans and non-vinyl junkies it is. One hopes more artists and labels will continue to release interesting projects/concepts like this one.

(Mahalo to Lauren Muneoka of Asita Recordings for the tip. Asita has recently released two 45rpm singles of the hip-hop variety, which you can read more about here and there.)

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