RECORD CRACK: Twilight back in the zone with reissues on Ubiquity

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If one were to tell you about a hot new soul/R&B band called Twilight you might say “that’s hot, very timely name with the movies being all the rage right now.” If you’re a cratedigger or are a soul/funk fan who loves the obscure stuff, then the name Twilight may bring back some fond memories of the 1980’s. If it does, then you also know that Twilight is not the name of a band, but the nom de plume of Lawrence Ross.

Ross was a California kid with ambitions of wanting to become a star. He wanted in the studio, but knew that studio time meant money, so like many others, he got a job to make it happen. When he couldn’t find musicians to work with him, he learned a few more and kept going to the studio. Ross didn’t want to play what people might call “his norm”, so he went all out to be as musically diverse as possible. The end result was the 1981 album Still Loving You, which didn’t sell massively (he could only afford to press up so much) but it did make people curious about this one-man band, especially at a time when people thought Prince really didn’t play anything on his own albums. It would be years before Ross followed it up, but what he made from it would go right into Pains Of Love, where he was able to get some help from others to help create the musical vision he wanted. Unfortunately, at a time when artists were crossing over in every way, maybe Ross did not have the chance to be heard by the massive. However, all it takes is for a few vinyl junkies to discover your music and realize it’s something that needs to be heard almost 30 years later.

Ubiquity Records will be reissuing both Twilight albums on both vinyl and compact disc on May 11th. The look of the covers is very “of its time”, but the music can finally be appreciated for what it’s worth, in the now time.

(Still Loving You and Pains Of Love can both be pre-ordered from, click the title links. The links will lead to pre-ordering the vinyl, but CD versions are also available as well.)

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