SOME STUFFS: The Physics bring Seattle hip-hop to another level

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The Physics have been doing things for a few years with their brand of hip-hop, and they’re hoping to widen their scope with an album due out this summer. In the meantime, they are offering a hint of the big effort with a 3-song EP simply called Three Piece, which speaks for not only the songs on the release but perhaps the three members of the group. Like most of the top hip-hop crews and collectives, they’re very much about locality but they’re also about hip-hop as a community, and the love and respect within.

To download Three Piece for free, and to check out their previous releases, check out their Bandcamp page.

RECORD CRACK: 1965 Elvin Jones album to get audiophile treatment, courtesy Analogue Productions

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Elvin Jones, along with Charlie Mariano, Richard Davis, Roland Hanna, and Elvin’s brother Hank, went into a recording studio in 1965 and offered a friendly note to John Coltrane. The end result was the great Dear John C., originally released on Impulse. Analogue Productions will now be releasing the album for the audiophile market 46 years after its original release.

Dear John C. will be pressed up as a double 45rpm release on 180g vinyl, and is scheduled for release around February 2011. Considering the price for this new pressing (anywhere between $45 to $65), normal record buyers may find a need to save up or try to find an older pressing. Again, the album is being presented for the first time as a double LP at 45rpm, so if quality is a must, make sure to widen the hole in your checkbook or PayPal account for this one.

VIDEO: Nemo’s “Memories”

This is a new track by Lexington, Kentucky’s own Nemo, who has been working on a new album in the last few months. This may or may not be on the album, but if you like what you hear, let him know.

The video was directed by Dylan Knight, who has done some really quality work, check his page for a look.

VIDEO: Not Squares’ “Release The Bees”

Not Squares are an Irish band that some have called “electronic punk”, a nice way of saying it’s electronic music with a harder rock edge (but not hard rock). The video was directed by Andrew Wood. If you like what you see and hear, here’s a video of them performing “Asylum” live.

RECORD CRACK: White Hills and Gnod team up for split LP

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Based on the cover art alone, I love this. Now bring together two great bands, and it’s a match made in metal hell. I speak of White Hills and Gnod, two bands separated by an ocean but united in making incredible music. The title on this one is Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II, so obviously they’re trying to create some audio mind trips. Only 1000 copies of this one will be pressed, and that’s it. If you are a fan of the band, imagine yourself listening while staring at the cover with nothing but freshly rolled joints and a gallon jug of chocolate milk.

You can buy the album from

RECORD CRACK: Celebrated Wolves In The Throne Room album gets released on vinyl in two ways

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It has been said that the Pacific Northwest was the last stop for the criminally insane, and perhaps that’s why a lot of things have been left of center. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the imperfections are what make them appealing. Case in point: Wolves In The Throne Room from Olympia, Washington, who have gained a following well beyond the Washington State boundaries, in fact they’re currently on tour in Europe.

In 2005 they released Diadem of 12 Stars, which was called by one critic “environmentalism black metal”. Van Records in Germany have now released on vinyl in two ways: one as a standard 2LP edition, the other as a deluxe 180g 3LP box set with a poster, patch, and a vinyl-only bonus track. The music is spread over five sides, while Side 6 features an etching.

The deluxe 3LP box set can be purchased here, while the standard 2LP set can be had there. Both are German pressings and thus you’ll be paying import prices. Both links will take you to You can also buy other items directly from the band.