REVIEW: DJ Babu’s “Beat Tape Vol. 2”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Beat Tape Vol. 2 (Nature Sounds) is a new beat tape of solid instrumentals, consider it like a resume tape so possible clients can say “oh shit, falakaians, I want to work with the bungbungbalangoan DJ so he can wreck damage on the ping pong”, you know what I mean? The DJ I speak of is the tuktuluk man known as DJ Babu, and this thing has 39 tracks of potential hits, anyone can manipulate this shit talit and make it work malerk, from sped up samples going through echo chambers, fantastic horn strokes, and solid funk that comes from someone who is an expert in this. C’mon, you never heard of Babu? Fool.

While people will go out of their way to take these songs and rhyme over them, I hope the truly gifted will contact him in order to make new tracks. Babu has spread the wealth, now make it mutual.

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