REVIEW: T-QRON’s “Tha Qronicals Mixtape Vol. 1”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Honolulu has been a hot city for hip-hop for almost 30 years, but because of the distance from the mainland U.S., it has often found it difficult to make it big. Nonetheless, hip-hop artists realize that it’s all about being local first and then you can aim for bigger. T-QRON sounds ruthless, the guy is hungry and he’s blasting people to explain what he can do, what he’s capable of doing, and of course what you’re not doing. What you’re not doing, T-QRON will erase that from your intentions and tell you, as he does in “Tha Best Out”, that the West will prevail.

He uses a lot of double tracking on most of the songs, which is okay, but the guy doesn’t have a bad voice even though it works for effect and dramatics. I’d like to hear him keep that energy up but only use the double-tracking during choruses. Nonetheless, give this guy a microphone and he’ll make sure his presence within the sound boundaries are known. With that said, I think no matter what T-QRON does, he’s going to let fans and naysayers know that he IS T-QRON, an MC with the passion for that West Coast sound but deep down it’s about representing hip-hop of all territories, while representing Hawai’i. How many Pakistani MC’s do you know who could smack the fuck out of your face and leave you wondering what just happened? Yeah, that just happened.

(The Qronicals Mixtape Vol. 1 can be downloaded on a number of blogs, including

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