RECORD CRACK: Celebrated Wolves In The Throne Room album gets released on vinyl in two ways

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It has been said that the Pacific Northwest was the last stop for the criminally insane, and perhaps that’s why a lot of things have been left of center. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the imperfections are what make them appealing. Case in point: Wolves In The Throne Room from Olympia, Washington, who have gained a following well beyond the Washington State boundaries, in fact they’re currently on tour in Europe.

In 2005 they released Diadem of 12 Stars, which was called by one critic “environmentalism black metal”. Van Records in Germany have now released on vinyl in two ways: one as a standard 2LP edition, the other as a deluxe 180g 3LP box set with a poster, patch, and a vinyl-only bonus track. The music is spread over five sides, while Side 6 features an etching.

The deluxe 3LP box set can be purchased here, while the standard 2LP set can be had there. Both are German pressings and thus you’ll be paying import prices. Both links will take you to You can also buy other items directly from the band.

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