REVIEW: Dave Bass Quartet’s “Gone”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pacing on album is a key, even when you play it from end to beginning, and the Dave Bass Quartet understand this because they are musicians and performers. It’s about having an understanding of the craft, and they demonstrate this with Gone (self-released), which begins with a hitting tune before casually fading out into the sunset with a song ready-made for two lovers to fade out into the sound of love. “Another Ending” may remind some of the jazz albums of the 1960’s when jazz artists were willing to flirt with pop appeal, not too much but enough to help them reach audiences that might actually go and see them live.

Then again, jazz has that power to unite. Whether it’s the downhome gospel feel of “Someday” or the hot bluesy sweat of “Since I Found You”, you’ll want to tell people about this album or have someone in the room with you so you can get deep into its intentional emotions.


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