REVIEW: Mike Herriott/Sean Harkness’ “Flights: Volume One”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Mike Herriott and Sean Harkness met each other on a quest for music, and found a camaraderie that made them want to try something out together. H2 is what they’ve called their union, and on Flights: Volume One they take listeners on a journey for them to hear what a jazz duo can truly do. It’s simply guitar and trumpet, nothing more, two guys jamming and making beautiful music that are immediate mood enhancers, whether it’s a reminder of the chaos of the big city, or the relaxation of the aptly titled “Hammock Time”. Half of the songs are Herriott and Harkness playing, the remaining half has them bringing in a band to make things more vivid.

If you are a guitarist or a trumpeter, you’ll definitely have a sense of the love they have for the music, and the admiration both of them have for each other as musicians. I wish more musicians would create duet albums like this, because it doesn’t have to always be complicated, it can be this simple and maybe that was the point in making this.

My picks on this include “Myffed”, “Hedge Your Bets”, and “Armario”.

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