VIDEO: Megachurch’s “More Mormon Than Mormon”

With a name like Megachurch you have to know that they’re about to do share share of damage. Add that with making “More Mormon Than Mormon” the title of a song. Then someone said “now let’s make a video”. Let me just say that if you are offended by anyone manipulating religious artifacts or combining spiritual imagery with sex, step away from this post.

For the curious, the footage is nicely borrowed from Ken Russell‘s The Devils, which in its time was banned in various countries around the world and will probably never be released on home video. You can read more about it and the different edits that exist, including the faulty U.S. edit, by heading to Wikipedia.

If the feel of the film looks familiar, Russell also directed the film adaptation of The Who‘s Tommy, which also starred actor Oliver Reed (in The Devils he portrayed Urbain Grandier.)

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