RECORD CRACK: The Alchemist & Oh No prepare to cut you with 4-cut “Sawblade”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It seems that with the resurgence of records in the last few years, every other genre was getting knee deep into things and releasing some incredible stuff. Hip-hop, a genre that used to celebrate the idea that when music was released on vinyl, it was “final”, seemed to have taken a backseat as of late, although there have been a few instances of greatness, such as this year’s Freeway & Jake One album. At the end of the year, another hip-hop duo are doing their thing and taking it one step further.

What you see is a sawblade-shaped record, which is what you’ll see when you purchase the Sawblade EP by The Alchcemist and Oh No, who as a team are calling themselves Gangrene The first side features four songs while the B-side features instrumental mixes of each. To make it interesting, none of these songs will be on the duo’s forthcoming full length album, The Sickness, due out on November 9th. The four songs were made specifically for the EP, and who knows, if this record quickly sells out, there may be other ammunition-shaped records to come (or at least one hopes).

You can order your copy of Sawblade here.

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