RECORD CRACK: Jed & Lucia present a splendid 10 inch

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Jed & Lucia have released a single that is a preview of what will be on their forthcoming album, Super Human Heart. You’ll get to hear “Apostrophe”, along with a Shawn Lee remix of the song, and “April Showers”, along with a Shlohmo remix. This single will be released as a limited edition (300 copies) 10″ EP.

The songs are described as a mixture of bossa nova, psych, aggro-beats, and… well, when you have Shawn Lee and Shlohmo involved in remixes, you know that the original mixes must be pretty cool.

You can order the 10″ by clicking to Ubiquity Records. The Super Human Heart can also be pre-ordered here, the vinyl version is being sold with both the CD and access to MP3’s. Nice.

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