RECORD CRACK: The Octopus Project’s “Hexadecagon” Zoetrope instructional video

If you have never heard of The Octopus Project, you should begin immediately. This Texas group have been around for a few years, have been winning people over with their brand of music and recently added a “visual artist” into their lineup to add a different dimension to their brand of music. This has resulted in a brand new album called Hexadecagon, which can be purchased on vinyl as a 2LP set. To make it interesting, The Octopus Project have placed locked concentric grooves on it, which means once it reaches the end heads towards the run-off groove, it will infintely loop a sound made specifically for that section of the record. However, a “concentric groove” also means that when you apply the needle to the record, it may play different songs each time the record is played.

In addition to these things, the record comes with a zoetrope, or a series of four zoetropes, one for each side of the record, which you can see by clicking the instructional video below. Short version: you cut out a piece of paper, place it onto the record label, and you will be able to see/watch an animated sequence on your record. Zoetropes have been used on everything from playgrounds to art displays and even McDonald’s Happy Meals, so it’s definitely bringing back the concept of the old, onto a means of audio technology that’s old, into the new and modern digital era to those who may have never known these vinyl tricks can be produced.

To see another example of a zoetrope on a record, click here.

Hexadecagon is out now as a CD and trendy MP3, but the vinyl pressing will be hitting the analog streets on November 9th. You can order your copy from

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