VIDEO / OPINION: Nicole Scherzinger and why she is “Poison” in more ways than one

Pro: This is a brand new song by Nicole Schersinger, from hopefully will not be an album and/or project that will be scrapped. It’s nice, she’s looking good as always, and with enough of a push it will be a hit.

Con: While the song is okay, it’s not extraordinary. It’s more ordinary than anything, but if one is to compare this with other tracks she has done on her own (i.e. outside of The Pussycat Dolls and Eden’s Crush, it fits in because it has a nice pop sound. The one thing that gets to me is that producers are not utilizing her voice and talent to its greatest potential, and that for the most part, people are trying too hard to fit her into a style that they feel is perfect for her. She can do dance, she can do pop, she can sing soulful, she could be dropping cameos on hip-hop tracks if she wanted. Go back to when she did songs as Nicole Kea and she could easy create nice and beautiful acoustic songs, she would be perfect alongside Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter, or Bruno Mars. One song of hers that didn’t get pushed properly was a single she did a few years ago called “Super Villain”, where they tried to give elements a slight Lil’ Jon touch. The song, and the two other songs Interscope released around the same time, went nowhere.

  • So what’s the problem? Too ethnic? Or is it because someone with her background seems difficult to market in today’s music world? She doesn’t look like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry and yet they’re trying to push her in that same bracket, or even Britney Spears. Britney fucking Spears? Scherzinger has a voice, and one that could do some serious damage if she was placed in the hands of the right producers in a recording studio. I’d love to her Scherzinger do a song with Phonte Coleman, or Latoiya Williams, Gloria Ry’ann, Destani Wolf, or anyone who actually has a voice and a soulfulness that makes her more than just a face.
  • Yes, I say that as a fellow Hawaiian so I’m going to give Scherzinger all the aloha I can from afar. Yet I would not do that if she was someone without the talent. Her track record proves this: she showed up on a VH-1 diva show where the spotlight was meant to be on others, and everyone wanted to know “who was that thin Asian chick who can belt it”? I knew who she was, and all of a sudden she was on radio and TV everywhere. I became a fan, and the voice takes me away. But no one has yet to give her the right songs to take her to the top. Hell, I have a song for her, let’s get ?uestlove on drums, James Poyser and Nicolay on keyboards, and do a song. Why not?
  • Nonetheless, I show support but I just hope this video is a small hint of the greatness to come. Otherwise, she will get lost in the crowd, and I would not blame her if she were to leave the music industry behind and say “screw this, let me be in films and television, at least people will be in tune with who and what I am.”
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