RECORD CRACK: The Alchemist & Oh No prepare to cut you with 4-cut “Sawblade”

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It seems that with the resurgence of records in the last few years, every other genre was getting knee deep into things and releasing some incredible stuff. Hip-hop, a genre that used to celebrate the idea that when music was released on vinyl, it was “final”, seemed to have taken a backseat as of late, although there have been a few instances of greatness, such as this year’s Freeway & Jake One album. At the end of the year, another hip-hop duo are doing their thing and taking it one step further.

What you see is a sawblade-shaped record, which is what you’ll see when you purchase the Sawblade EP by The Alchcemist and Oh No, who as a team are calling themselves Gangrene The first side features four songs while the B-side features instrumental mixes of each. To make it interesting, none of these songs will be on the duo’s forthcoming full length album, The Sickness, due out on November 9th. The four songs were made specifically for the EP, and who knows, if this record quickly sells out, there may be other ammunition-shaped records to come (or at least one hopes).

You can order your copy of Sawblade here.

VIDEO: Belleruche’s “Fuzz Face”

Old technology meets modern technology in this great video by Belleruche, directed by Jamie Roberts. The video has been described this way: This video takes the concept of ‘Fuzz Face’ and spins the band members through a weird process of digital and analogue distortion, resulting in each and every frame (all 4500 of them) being ‘fuzzed’ by being run through old photocopiers in call centres and newsagents on the Bethnal Green Road in the east end of London then the prints being reassembled into the final edit.

The group are heading to France in November for a series of shows for the first half of the month before heading back home. Those in London will be able to see them for free on the 10th of December when they play Bar Music Hall (Curtain Road, Shoreditch).

SOME STUFFS: Epic music not thin as tin from The Tins

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Joan Osborne once asked the musical question “what if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us?” If people were to see their God for the first time, he might be at a convenience store eating Cornnuts. At least that’s the idea for The Tins‘ video for “The Green Room”, where “God” is looking at you with a mixture of name brand and off-brand goods. The song, which sounds like what would happen if George Harrison decided to play guitar with a band who have a deep love for Casio keyboards, is from the group’s forthcoming EP, simply titled Tins (V2 Benelux). The video was directed by Stella Macdonald, and the visuals help take the song to a much deeper place than originally intended.

The Tins – The Green Room from Stella Macdonald on Vimeo.

VIDEO: & Nicki Minaj’s “Check It Out”

31 years ago, Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes and Bruce Woolley, along with vocalist Tina Charles, told us that “Video Killed The Radio Star”, even though most people did not associate radio, or music, with video. 31 years later, the song gets an upgrade by a musician who arguably killed his own hip-hop for the sake of the pop dollar, if you are to believe the hate that’s on the web. I ofcourse speak of, and regardless what you have to say about him or his current output of music, he’s making more money than everyone who complains about it worldwide. Here he is on his collaboration with Nicki Minaj, the “it” female of the moment. Now say what you want about her, that despite an approach that seems to combine Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and Elton John theatrics, it seems she feels she knows this is what the public wants. However, talk to diehard hip-hop heads and while some may hate the visuals, they will say she gets down like Chaka Khan and has one of the best rhyme schemes out there.

As the song title suggests, they both want you to “Check It Out”. The song is from Nicki’s forthcoming album, Pink Friday, scheduled for release on November 22nd.

VIDEO: Jesse Dangerously & Rockefort F. Loopfrog’s “Holocaust Cloak”

Jamming leads to an execution and formulation of great ideas, and this is what happened when rap legend Jesse Dangerously and Rockefort F. Loopfrog gathered together one night to create this track.

You can hear more from Loopfrog by clicking to his MySpace page or hear more on his Soundclick page. Dangerously can be found everywhere, but you’ll want to start here.

VIDEO: Escapado’s “Gezeichnet”

From Germany, some really good indie rock by a band called Escapado. The song is from their album Montgomery Mundtot, released last week by Grand Hotel van Cleef. The band are about to start their German tour, here are the dates:
31.10. Dortmund, FZW
05.11. Oberhausen, Druckluft
06.11. Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
08.11. Berlin, Magnet
10.11. Chemnitz, AJZ Talschock
11.11. Jena, Kassablanca
12.11. Siegen, Vortex
13.11. Köln, Underground
15.11. München, Feierwerk
16.11. Stuttgart, Jugendhaus West
17.11. Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
19.11. Bielefeld, Kamp
20.11. Bremen, Tower
21.11. Hamburg, Hafenklang

If you want to hear more, click to their official MySpace page.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Super 7 Volume 4

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Here’s a new mix called Super 7 Vol. 4, featuring DJ Jayceeoh, Cosmo Baker, The Captains Of Industry, U-Tern, Skratch Bastid, Thee Mike B, Ross One.

You can take a look at the full track listing by clicking here.

SOME STUFFS: New Beastie Boys album scheduled for Spring 2011 release

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When Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer last summer, the Beastie Boys decided to put their musical efforts on hold in support of their friend. The group were in the middle of recording album that was to be part 1 of two albums. The group have been back in the studio recording new music for what will become Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, which may or may not be a slightly resequenced version of Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. Nonetheless, the spirit and vibe of Part 1 seems to be in a locked position, and the group decided to reconfigure thigns and just release an album called Part 2 for the hell of it. There is now an official track listing:
1. Tadlock’s Glasses
2. B-Boys In The Cut
3. Make Some Noise
4. Nonstop Disco Powerpack
5. OK
6. Too Many Rappers (featuring NAS)
7. Say It
8. The Bill Harper Collection
9. Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (featuring Santigold)
10. Long Burn The Fire
11. Funky Donkey
12. Lee Majors Come Again
13. Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
14. Pop Your Balloon
15. Crazy Ass Shit
16. Here’s A Little Something For Ya

As with anything Beastie, there are sure to be a few tracks leaked, perhaps songs that were recorded but left off the album, or eventual B-sides, bonus stuff, maybe Biz Markie will find some Bob James-style bells and rock it. Regardless of who shows up to the party, it’s nice to know that after almost 30 (!!!) years, the Beastie Boys are coming up with another album.

COVERED: War vs. Michita

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This entry proves that album cover homage can work and work well. In 1975, War released the Why Can’t We Be Friends album, resulting with two hit singles, “Low Rider” and the title track. 35 years later, Japanese MC Michita honors the album cover by giving it a Japanese perspective, and calling it A Full Life.