VIDEO/ RECORD CRACK: Foreign Exchange new video and vinyl pressings of “Authencity” is available

Foreign Exchange have just presented fans with a video for the song “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me”. As the weather gets colder up here in the Northern Hemisphere, that group stationed in the Northern Carolina state may provide the perfect heat for those cold autumn and soon-to-be winter nights. Just imagine: a generation of little Phonte‘s and Nicolay‘s around the world. “No, you’re not my daddy, but mommy said you helped make me.” Phonte’ll be like “what?”

On a less humorous note, the Authenticity album is now available on vinyl, a double LP to boot.

You can buy it and/or the YahZarah albums on vinyl right now, individually or a special package deal by heading to the Foreign Exchange store, or find it through your favorite vinyl merchants.

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