REVIEW: Generic Concession Stand’s “Foreign”

Photobucket Generic Concession Stand are a metal band from Philadelphia who have been categorized as “nu metal” and “new wave metal”. The former I can understand as they have that power crunch but “new wave metal” I’m not hearing. The energy in the opening, title track of Foreign (self-released) shows they could tear up crowds in a live setting, while “Guided” kind of sounds like Pantera mixed in with System Of A Down, but the vocal harmonies throw me off. “Elevated” sounds like unpolished Linkin Park/311/Suicidal Tendencies, as it’s a nice sliver of metal/hip-hop that works half way through before the keyboard melody comes in. The closing track ends up being an explosive pop/metal ballad, not sappy or cheesy but almost feels truly Foreign on an EP that isn’t quite sure how to balance itself.

One thing is certain: these guys aren’t bad at all. I like what I hear, but I think they need a bit more structure from a producer who can utilize their talents more successfully, It sounds like a demo that just needs to be in the right hands, someone who could tell them what to do and not do, and how to replace bad elements by embellishing on the better parts of these songs. Generic they’re not, but they are a concession stand that’s still being built.

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