REVIEW: Mikhail Lezin’s “Sounds Of Ronald Noorman”

Photobucket Mikhal Lezin plays all of the sounds you hear on his album based on the art of Ronald Noorman, and it’s electronic music for those with a craving for the experimental.

The songs do not have proper titles, just “Zonder titel 1”, “Zonder titel 2”, “Zonder titel 3” and so on. The album begins with minimalist dance grooves (if you want to call them worthy of the dancefloor) and then it goes into rhythmless electronic doodling that sounds as if he’s plugging each sound into the mixing board one delayed second after the other. One track (“Zonder titel 4”) is just an electronic drone with random sounds moving in and out of it, sometimes sounding as if it wants to allow in a rhythm, other times it’s just static. “Zonder titel 6” could be a heightened state of being, a follow up to “Zonder titel 2”, and then “Zonder titel 7” turns everything beyond 11, brickwalls it, and makes you feel as if its sole purpose is to deafen. It sounds like someone’s extremely bad bootleg recording on prom night, or an alien is trying to communicate and it can’t because the drummer’s mom bought him a new drum set.

Whatever it is, it’s meant to be an audio take of someone else’s art, creating art for art’s sake and it’s crazy. I like it.

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