REVIEW: Statik Selektah & Termanology’s “1982”

Photobucket Is there a reason why people in hip-hop are looking back? Go back to tracks like Coolio‘s “I Remember”, Ahmad‘s “Back In The Day”, or Paris‘ “The Days Of Old”, songs created by adults that reflect on what life was when they were kids. Today, it’s hip-hop that’s the adult and it now looks back at a time when everyone involved loved the life of hip-hop, and “the break of dawn” would never be considered. Now, some prefer to stay holed up in the club without a need to see daylight or breathe air. That’s where statik Selektah and Termanology come in.

1982 goes back to a glorious time in hip-hop, when songs like “Planet Rock”, “The Message”, and “Buffalo Gals” were secret code, or at least a secret emotion that was felt but not 100 percent understood. Musically and lyrically, this is a very modern album that shows more shades of mid-90’s hip-hop than 1982, so don’t expect to hear Jurassic 5 cliches. The guitar samples and horror movie-style strings in “Things I Dream” make it sound like the scariest hip-hop song you’ve ever heard in your life, or something that would work well if Kool Keith became a member of the Gravediggaz. In fact, this album feels like as if you were to make your own custom mix tape of the best tracks of any given time, but here it is as if all artists made albums like this on a regular basis. Oh yeah, people DID make albums like this, and here’s a new one. If the music and title is meant to suggest a need to look back, 1982 is an album that looks at, to paraphrase punk band The Dwarves, blood, guns, and pussy without regret.

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