REVIEW: Camu Tao’s “King Of Hearts”

Photobucket Upon listening to this album by Camu Tao, I thought “wait, this is Camu Tao?” I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be another rapper’s attempt at being hipster, new wave or what. I had to stop, I couldn’t listen to it. I then pressed play once more, and some how I felt that this had to be based on someone simply making an album he wanted to make, not just someone jumping in on the latest trend.

King Of Hearts (Def Jux/Fat Possum) has become Camu Tao’s last album, as he passed away two years ago. I did not have this in mind as I was listening to the album, so as I’m listening to these tracks, I realized the guy had a knack for making music not unlike Prince or Terence Trent D’arby without it moving into the cheese factor. It’s not unlike DâM-Funk, where the influences are straight out of the late 70’s/early 80’s but with enough of a smirk and attitude in the music where you know they know what they’re doing, honoring a bit of the past while turning people now to the good grooves. That’s very much what King Of Hearts is about, and it’s a shame that he will not be able to make more music like this, as he could have been greater than what he was able to do in his lifetime. He honestly could have given a run for the money, I would have loved to have seen Camu Tao world tours with a bevy of artists collaborating with him on stage and on tour.

It wasn’t until after did I realize that this is the same Camu Tao that is no longer with us, then again who else is named Camu Tao. Sometimes you forget for a brief moment, and maybe it’s a nice way of saying “it feels like he’s still present, and I’m ready for new music to come.”

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