REVIEW: Pigeon John’s “Dragon Slayer”

Photobucket Oh, Pigeon John, where have all the good times gone? I was a huge fan of his 2006 album Pigeon John & The Summertime Pool Party and wished he could’ve went platinum, all while being protective of him getting too big. Now with the release of Dragon Slayer (Quannum) he’s ready for the big time, but he’s also hushed the good part of what I liked about his music.

It’s not that Dragon Slayer is a complete failure, it’s just not to my liking. He sings a lot more, and really he has been doing that off and on over the years, but it’s as if Andre 3000 gave everyone license to stop speaking and start singing, even if they can sing in a mediocre fashion. I mean, is this really hip-hop? If so, give it back to someone who knows and cares about it. Or is everyone wanting to be N*E*R*D? I know Richard Pryor once said you have to sing to get the pussy, highlighted by Ol’ Dirty Bastard on his debut album, but sometimes I wonder if it’s really that good for artists to huli over and make lackluster music?

Yes, I do realize that “this music is not for you” and I’m happy with that. It just seems too many artists are changing formulas, and I’m fine with that. It’s when they abandon what they became known for. Pigeon John, just become a cast member of CSI: New York, I’d be more happier with that than this album.

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