FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “A Decade Of Mochilla”

Ten years have come and gone since… well, 2000 obviously. If you were listening to music a lot back then as you do today, and you’re a fan of hip-hop, turntablism, funk, soul, and jazz, and keep in touch with magazines, videos, and the digital media, then you have no doubt come across the Mochilla name. Their first released project was the Keepintime: Talking Drums and Whispering Vinyl short film, released as a VHS tape (which I still have, although it can be found on the Keepintime: A Live Recording DVD). The film was an interview and jam session where respected drummers who have been heavily sampled in hip-hop’s recorded history got to interact with the DJ’s and producers who have utilized their music in their own productions. The acknowledgment of the source of those samples, and not just by song titles and catalog numbers, was seen and made a lot of people happy and proud. For the DJ, cratedigger, record collector, and sample spotters, it was in a way an acknowledgment of the understanding of the love of the music. Fans and critics understood this, and it would take these DJ’s and drummers to places they had not been. It also moved Mochilla to document this and other travels of these musicians and DJ’s.

A Decade Of Mochilla is an audio document of the documentation, to be released in the new year as a 2CD set. What you will hear (and see) is a 20 minute excerpt of Mochilla’s Decade. If you found joy in going crazy over himself and his music in a nightclub, went to a post office and yelled “Bring Madlib up” randomly, or perhaps was moved to a brief tearful moment after watching Suite For Ma Dukes, you have been affected by Mochilla’s work in some form.

More excerpts of this mix will be released, but here’s the first.

The Sounds of VTech / A Decade of Mochilla Part 1

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