BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Dino Felipe/Imaginary Forces


Photobucket This is a project that you will either like both artists, one or the other, or none. Dino Felipe and Imaginary Forces have recorded individual albums and are releasing it together as a split effort through Sleep Codes, released as a split CD-R with a homemade cover.

Felipe offers up Jezzelbub, whose work is on the glitch and IDM side of electronica, where sounds come and go like itches. You may be unsure of what you’re listening to, maybe question whether or not you heard Sade mixed in with radio static, but who cares. His 9-songs may sound like jazz, or it may sound like your CD player jammed with popcorn kernels in it. It could be the sound of all of your neighbors turning their sound systems off and on, it could be plunderphonics, it could be Jan Jelinek making his influence known, but what a trippy listen. Imagine browsing through an incredible music selection in the dark, and then feeding it rice. That’s Dino Felipe.

  • Imaginary Forces is what Anthoney J Hart uses as the name for his works, and ​Radio Republik is exactly what the title indicates, turning to a frequency unknown and trying to find something, except you enjoy the flipping of the radio and not so much the dominant sounds. It reminds me of times when I used to have a short wave radio and I was hoping to hear something. I heard what may have been possible spy communication, maybe some Russian families, maybe someone on a board, or someone coordinating universal time. I didn’t know, but I listened, even if all I heard was silence. This is for people who drive long distances with families, and play the radio even when the music is full of static, because you feel you can still sense something within the distortion. Maybe that’s why Hart calls it Imaginary Forces, but it’s all clearly there. Or is it?

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