SOME STUFFS: Hip-hop under the scope as Ford applies new safety measure with MyKey system to prevent drivers from listening to “offensive” audio content


According to an article on, the Ford company will be applying “”MyKey” for cars with Sirius Satellite Radio. The use of it is to prevent young children and teens from listening to such offensive things as hip-hop music, along with The Howard Stern Show, and shows on The Playboy Channel.

Why an issue? Apparently parents are either buying new Ford vehicles for their children or allowing them to drive, and the fear is that offensive sounds like hip-hop music and Howard Stern will… well, it doesn’t matter what the fear is. The MyKey is a chance for parents to have parental control over what their kids should listen to. According to Ford’s safety planning and strategy manager Andy Sarkisian, “Mom and Dad still have their own key and can listen to Howard”, but the kids… no.

MyKey was created as a way to keep young drivers safe, and initially had nothing to do with the audio coming from satellite radio. Instead, as part of the car’s computer system, MyKey would make it possible to monitor the speed of the car so that it doesn’t go over certain speed limits, keep the radio at a “controlled volume”, and also insure that the key going in the ignition is the correct key, preventing theft. The MyKey feature became standard for some Ford model cars at the end of summer this year, and now the added “radio censorship” feature is sure to please people as much as it will cause disgust.

According to the article, Sirius already offer a chance for drivers to control what stations are heard and not heard, so now it’s double the control for the safety of the ears of children.

Nevermind the fact that if the audio system has an input option, they can run their iPod or other digital player through it and play anything and everything. For those few children that aren’t that smart, the new MyKey feature/option may be a good one.

(Sourced from a report heard on this morning’s episode of the Suck It™ show on

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