SOME STUFFS: Olde Growth to tour the East Coast in January 2011

They only consist of drums and bass, but these two men from Boston sound like they could kill millions. They are called Olde Growth, whom I heard about by doing a Bandcamp search last year and falling in love with their music. A few weeks later, word had it that they were signed to Meteor City. Their limited edition CD did its damage and will have a nicer release in the new year.

Speaking of the new year, they will start a new tour the day after New Year’s Day in the northeast part of the U.S. before making it slowly but surely to Georgia and Florida. Barring any winter storms, Olde Growth will be taking their brand of music to people who are willing to brave the cold temperatures and while I have not seen them live yet, their album makes me believe that they are definitely worth it. Here are the confirmed tour dates:

  • Jan 2 – The Cookie Jar, New Haven, CT
    w/ Edhochuli (PA), Worn Out Tiger (PA) + World’s Strongest Man (FL)

  • Jan 3 – AS220, 115 Empire St, Providence, RI
    w/ Thrillhouse, Mout + Mouth of Flowers

  • Jan 5 – The Archeron, 57 Waterbury St. Brooklyn, NY
    w/ Bad Dream + Lost Coves

  • Jan 7 – The Meatlocker, 8 Park St. Montclaire, NJ
    w/ Lorba Linda, Stone Titan, Gowl + more

  • Jan 8 – House Party, Philadelphia, PA
    w/ Bubonic Bear + more

  • Jan 9 – Hole in the Sky, 2110 5th St. NE, Washington, DC
    w/ Ilsa + more

  • Jan 10 – Strange Matter, 929 West Grace Street, Richmond, VA
    w/ Time Warp Trio

  • Jan 11 – TBA, Charlotte, NC
  • Jan 12 – The Drunken Unicorn, 736 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA
    w/ Beeravore + Sadistic Ritual

  • Jan 13 – Will’s Pub, 1040 North Mills Ave, Orlando FL
    w/ Druid Lord, Putrescent Secretancy + Sterile Prophet

    You can stream the full album by clicking to their Bandcamp page, where you are able to buy T-shirts from them, or simply click the handy player below.

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