REVIEW: Kathleen Kolman “Dream On”

Photobucket Kathleen Kolman is an enthusiastic jazz vocalist whose Dream On (self-released) is an album where she gets a chance to explore her dreams towards potential incredible realities.

Some of this sounds like coffeehouse jazz, where it sounds perfect for a cup of double mocha something and you get to hear someone sing about her dream men and living life with a lot of emotion and hope, but move away from the stereotypes she tends to conjure up and you hear someone who is able to craft any song into something different, even if at times a bit exaggerated. I like when she’s subtle, I feel she’s very effective when she doesn’t prove herself constantly. Her cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim‘s “Wave: Vou Te Contar” is very good, and so is her cover of Aerosmith‘s “Dream On”, it’s nice to hear a completely different take on what has become a well worn classic rock chestrut (a/k/a chestnut, because as you know, a Night In The Ruts leads to being “right in the nuts” and… nevermind).

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