REVIEW: Jeff Palmer / Devin Garramone / John Fisher’s “Permutation”

Photobucket The old saying “never judge a book by its cover” is something I abide to, because the cover is nothing more than a lure, or just a placard toward whats inside. When I looked at the cover for Permutation (Rank), it looked like it was done quickly and without much thought. If there was thought, it just seemed like more time could have been used to create it.

Now on to the music. Permutation is a jazz album by a trio with Jeff Palmer on Hammond B-3, John Fisheron drums, and Devin Garramoneon alto sax. Going into it, I thought “cheesy album cover, I’ll let it pass, but how about the music?” It’s okay, but it’s too safe for me When I know it’s an album with the Hammond B-3, I want this to rip but this didn’t even tear. These guys can play, but it sounds so lifeless that it was hard to listen to it all the way through. Do malls have organ stores left? Probably not, but the guy who works there could probably play harder than these three do on this album. I hear how well they can play, but they’re not doing it here.


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