REVIEW: Trumans Water “O Zeta Zunis”

Photobucket Trumans Water aren’t exactly revolutionary, but their music has always had the kind of energy that makes it seem as if it could move mountains, part oceans, and if nothing else provoke some serious action in the pit. The band’s 1990s heyday was a time when alternative music was a catch phrase, and anything that seemed boho, grungy, smelly, or sarcastic was lumped into that category. As members came and went, the band started to evolve and so did their overall sound, but not too much. Almost 20 years after their inception, Trumans Water are back with a brand new album called O Zeta Zunis. For older fans who haven’t heard them in awhile, imagine the uncut energy of the old and combine that with a few melodic touches, as if members of Weezer wanted to jam with the band.

(For the full review, click on over to, whom I’m now a contributor for.)

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