VIDEO: Lumerians’ “Crazy Horses”

Chevaux Fous from m m on Vimeo.

Give credit to any band in 2011 willing to do an Osmonds song, especially one of the good Osmonds songs. In truth, there are many but the group (and the Osmonds in general) have always been looked at negatively because they were wholesome and clean. Yet “Crazy Horses” was the exception to the rule, and many will consider it their favorite song even though they may not know (or are in denial) that it was an Osmonds classic.

This live performance by Lumerians was done live on San Francisco public access television, so you have to love that on that premise alone. Maybe there is indeed something on that Oaktown water, and there’s no reason to doubt their dosage.

The band will be releasing a new album in March called Transmalinnia, so if you like their approach, find out what the band are about by heading to

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