SOME STUFFS: Lil’ B to work with… Prince?

This interview posted at RapRadar with rapper Lil’ B has him saying he’s going to work with Prince. Considering that the internet is going nuts (and not in a good way) by some of Lil’ B’s “merit”, it might sound odd that Prince would even consider working with Prince, especially since it was Lil’ B who claimed he would have no problem in having anal relations witjh Kanye West, but hey, hype is hype, freedom is freedom, and a collaboration is a collaboration. I can’t imagine what will happen if this collab goes through and people will say “hold on now, by golly. Prince didn’t want to call me back so we could jam on a national television show, and yet he’s going to do a song with fricken Lil’ B?”

We will see.

(Mahalo to EmpressEricka at Music Nerdery for the tip.)

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