REVIEW: Alekos Galas’ “Mediterranean Breeze”

Photobucket The sounds of the Mediterranean are explored on this new album by Alekos Galas, whose chosen instrument is the bouzouki. On Mediterranean Breeze (Ehos) he mixes up a bit of sounds from his Greek heritage and mixes it up with pop and smooth jazz.

I found the pop sounds and those that steered more to the Greek side of things were very good, and I can easily imaging this to be used for a wide range of things. For smooth jazz fans, the material here is sure to gain him a bit of airplay. While I may not give the smooth jazz repeat airplays, his musicianship within the boundaries of the music help give the mood a nice touch generally not heard, or at least because the bouzouki is not an instrument commonly explored in the genre. While Galas may have have preferred styles on this album, I’d like to be able to hear him in other genres and projects. Job well done.

0 thoughts on “REVIEW: Alekos Galas’ “Mediterranean Breeze”

  1. I’ve heard Aleko’s album. He’s an artist and a master of an instrument that has a rich history in Greek culture. Aleko was able to broaden the bouzouki’s horizon even more with his original compositions and mixture of jazz and mediterranean rhythms. A must for music lovers!! Way to go Alex!


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