REVIEW: The Poison Tree’s self-titled album

Photobucket If singer/musician/songwriter Steve Salett is familiar to you, then you will enjoy his new project that he calls The Poison Tree. This self-titled album (Redeye) has him and some of his friends singing introspective and retrospective songs about the kind of events in life that everyone can relate to. They are folk-tales in a way, but this isn’t folk music, but rather the kind of Americana that you might expect from The Band and Donavon Frankenreiter. The Poison Tree brings in influences ranging from dixieland jazz to the blues in songs that sound like you could have written them yourself, if it was possible for someone to transfer your deepest hopes, dreams, and fears into someone else without filters. Simply put, it’s an honest album with the kind of genuine qualities that’s a nice way to say “it feels like my personal music”. Consider The Poison Tree the kind of audio diary you’ll want to revisit every few years, because you realize the music is as much a part of your life as it is Steve Salett’s.

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