REVIEW: Sketch Tha Cataclysm’s “Sum Shit We Dubbed Vol. 2”

Photobucket Sketch Tha Cataclysm has returned with a mixtape-type function, although he is someone who always presents himself in music in a bold fashion to where it comes off like major productions. In other words, he doesn’t half-ass anything.

Simply put, Sketch rhymes over trusted beats and is capable of making it sound like these producers were doing songs for him. He has a way of rhyming that makes you want to go to his merchandise page and buy everything he sells, and what I mean to say is that he has a style you want to believe in and tell everyone to listen to. He could easily found himself getting involved with El-P, Madlib, Jake One, Vitamin D, or Young Raven and making some tight tracks and it would be brilliant. When he says “my opposition to battling is taken for weakness” in “Beechwood”, that tends to pave a mental opening for the listener to go “oh, well let’s see what else he has to say if he’s going to be that bold to put himself out there”. Then again, he wouldn’t be an artist if he didn’t want to allow his art to be known, and I say that with respect: Sketch is an artist, and what you’re hearing are not only his rough sketches, but fully developed portraits.

If this is meant to be a mixtape in order to have music out there, I eagerly await more improper albums.

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