REVIEW: Heavy Tin’s “reFUSED”

Photobucket reFUSED (Concinnity) by Heavy Tin is almost deceiving. I guess with a name like Heavy Tin, I’m expecting some jazz heaviness, maybe some cool fusion or something completely out of the ordinary. Well, it is heavy but not in a left-of-center manner. In fact, this is more along the lines of a Dave Brubeck heavy, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Heavy Tin are a trio consisting of BR Pearson on piano, Izzie Reel on bass, and Viktor Lorak on drums, and their jazz is very stylized, almost to the point where each of these musicians sound like a one-man band project. Not sure what it is, but it’s the kind of jazz you’d find yourself returning to when you’ve come across a lot of bad music, this becomes your default selection to unwind. Pearson’s playing is one that is sharp and precise, like those trusted people you’ve traveled miles for just to hear… that… sound.

Overall, quite an impressive recording.

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