VIDEO: “9 Weeks” looks at the Olympia, Washington punk scene

Two years ago, a few movie and music festivals on the West Coast presented a film created by Stefan Simikich & Kanako Wynkoop called 9 Weeks, which was a look at the diversity of the Olympia, Washington punk, artist, and creative scene. The angle? “Individuals fighting to keep their community alive: performers, radicals, and artists barely getting by.” While Oly has has great music for years, it is not a metropolitan area like L.A., San Francisco, or NYC, but its independent spirit, and support for one another to keep things active, is what has kept it going.

While documentaries like these used to be difficult to find if they were only screened for a limited time, the digital world makes it possible to see it at any time. The movie can now be accessed via Amazon Instant Video, where you are able to rent it (you have 7 days to view it before the file expires and is automatically deleted from your hard drive) or purchase it. It can play in a number of ways and platforms, so click for more information and take a look.

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