REVIEW: Golden Glow’s “Tender Is The Night”

Photobucket A revival of 80’s new wave and synth pop seems to be the rage in some circles, and that’s a good thing if the music is good. Golden Glow have recorded an album that sounds like it was dubbed from a 9th generation cassette, and sounds as distant as the era really is. Tender Is The Night (Mush) could be good and I like it for sounding almost like a rejected Ween parody, but I was waiting for something else to come into the mix. It never did.

I’ll be blunt, it’s the kind of music that may have been great as a demo tape for a local band to get club dates in down, but as a worldwide release? I think if that’s what people want from new wave and synth pop, it’s here in abundance, but with sounds that really don’t go too far, I found it hard to enjoy, even if it was a parody. It isn’t, and I was like “damn, this could’ve been good and sinister if it gave itself a chance and breathing room.” Maybe next time.

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