REVIEW: Reynold D. Philipsek’s “Tales From The North Woods”

Photobucket Reynold D. Philipsek is a guitarist who plays jazz and has a healthy discography and sessionography if you know where to look. For his new CD, it’s simply Philipsek and his acoustic guitar, playing the kind of music you might expect to hear on albums by Neil Young, Donavon Frankenreiter, Jack Johnson, and maybe a bit of Steve Howe. There are occasional classical touches in his playing, and that may come from loving the fluidity of Django Reinhardt‘s playing, but one thing is certain: this guy knows how to play. It may be an acoustic CD, but I found myself returning to some of these songs more than once.

This CD is 10 songs running a little over 26 minutes, so statistically speaking this is actually an EP. Add on 5 or 10 more songs and you’d have a proper album, but no need, it holds up as is.

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