REVIEW: The Elements Of Jazz’s self-titled CD

Photobucket When the albums starts out with a funky jazz jam, I’m open for it. The Elements Of Jazz begin with a song called “All The Way”, sounding like a cross between The Beginning Of The End, The Crusaders, and Tower Of Power, not bad for a group that’s only four members strong, with an emphasis on strong. Their self-titled album (EMG) is the kind of jazz, soul, and funk I can never get enough of, where the drummer and bassist are locked in a groove, the guitarist smooths out the tones, while the saxophonist gets ridiculous and helps to organize things while everyone else in the group share those organization duties.

When they get a bit more laid back, they know how to move everything in the right places too. I’d love to see these guys open for Soulive if at all possible.

0 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Elements Of Jazz’s self-titled CD

  1. am a jazz pianist of Naples, I would like to know if you can get a review on your
    magazine of my 2 latest album: “Storie di altri luoghi”, recorded in quartet with voice (the
    My repertoire includes songs sung in Italian, + one standard that always loved to play Bill
    Evans, “You Must Believe in Spring”) and “Anime diverse” recorded in quartet with piano, sax, bass
    and drums, jazz and contemporary music.
    If I need a postal address for shipping.
    Dino Massa


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