REVIEW: Burial’s “Street Halo” (single)

Photobucket It feels like it has been awhile since Burial came out with something new, but it’s great to have new music nonetheless. This time, it’s in the form of a 3-song 12″ single, with “Street Halo” as the lead track. “Street Halo” sounds like it would be perfect in a hot nightclub where one is about to get sexy, if not direct sex, and every beat, sound, echo, reverb, and click is a signal towards something. It’s sly and funky, and I can imagine how irresistible this would be. What I love is when you have certain beats and samples filtered to the point of being incomprehensible, or a click or snap turned inside out to sound like something else entirely. I love it.

“NYC” comes off like a reconstruction of what NYC music would sound like, taking hints of the coolness of the past but moving it into the future where even relevancy doesn’t want to be relevant, it just wants to be. There’s a slide to the stride, a groove that soothes, and a hip-hop touch that has to be intentional, it has to be.

“Stolen Dog” sounds like “Street Halo”‘s twin song, almost similar in feel but where one sounds optimistic and hopeful, “Stolen Dog” knows that it has to leave its surroundings. Either that, or I simply see its position and go “okay, it’s the last song, let’s see if it sounds and feels like a last song”.

I just hope this is quickly followed up by more singles, EP’s, and whatever “more” is in the trusting hands of Burial.

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