VIDEO: Barry Gibb reveals footage of 2002 recording session with Michael Jackson

Everyone has at least one favorite Bee Gees song. Everyone has at least one favorite Michael Jackson. Despite how big these artists were, there had never been a collaboration between the two. Or so we thought.

Bee Gees vocalist Barry Gibb has released video footage of a recording session he did with Jackson back in 2002, for a song called “All In Your Name” that eventually went unreleased. Gibb was recently quoted as saying “This experience i will treasure forever.” Gibb would like for the world to hear the song, but as of now, there are no plans for its proper release, which probably means it would be up to the MJ camp to figure out if and when it will be heard. My guess: if it is released, you’ll hear about it in a compilation album to be released during the holidays, a perfect “stocking stuffer” if you will. For now, have a look and listen to this excerpt from that session.

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