FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Jellies And Dove Shorts”

Jellies And Dove Shorts is a megamix I started in 2005 and for whatever reason, be it being too busy to being a lazy ass in not finding the one song I wanted to complete it, remained unfinished. This weekend, I thought it was time to finally add the last song and share it with the world. Here it is.

I’m very much an 80’s kid, so Jellies And Dove Shorts is a celebration of the decade that put me in the double digits permanently. Put it on cassette, pop that in your Walkman, and jog.

Band Aid-Do They Know It’s Christmas
Andre Cymone-The Dance Electric
Jody Watley-Looking For A New Love
Nice & Wild-Diamond Girl
Teena Marie-Lovergirl
Kon Kan-I Beg Your Pardon
Yes-Owner Of A Lonely Heart
L’Trimm-Cars That Go Boom
The Triplets-Translate
The Sugar Babes-We Got The Beat
Magazine 60-Don Quixote
Big Audio Dynamite-C’mon Every Beat Box
Bananarama-More Than Physical
Herb Alpert-Keep Your Eye On Me
Pebbles-Mercedes Boy
Jesse Johnson-Love struck
Giorgio-Tina Cherry
Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal-Saturday Love
Dino-I Like It
Guy-I Like
The Boys-Crazy
Debbie Gibson-Shake Your Love
George Clinton-Double Oh-Oh
Prince-Lady Cab Driver
The Time-Cool
The Jets-Crush On You
Jody Watley-Some Kind Of Lover
Kraftwerk-Tour De France

You can stream or download by clicking over to

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