VIDEO: Mindless Behavior ft. Diggy Simmons’ “Mrs. Right”

Will this young group of men be the next phase this century? What disturbs me is that you have young kids talking about women, as they look for a “Mrs. Right”. Is this supposed to be impressive, or “cute” for family members? No, but if this is the next phase, be careful.

To be honest, the sound is cutesy for the teens but I’d like to hear them WITHOUT the auto-tune. Producers, give that shit up already.

VIDEO: Black Lips’ “Modern Art (Live on KEXP)”

Black Lips recently stopped in Seattle, and they made their way to KEXP for an interview and in-studio performance. Now you’re able to see their performance from June 16th with this video of “Modern Art”.

If you like this performance and want to see and hear more, click here.

SOME STUFFS: All Pigs Must Die crank up their death metal with a punk attitude

20 years ago, a band from Seattle called Christ On A Crutch released what would become their last album, Crime Pays When Pigs Die. 20 years later, on the opposite side of the country, comes a Massachusetts band called All Pigs Must Die, so while the world seems to be hell bent on praising goofy and cheesy pop for all of its perceived goodness, it’s nice to know that there’s still a sinister side to music.

All Pigs Must Die are a band that combine death metal with a genuine punk venom, Linkin Park and Slipknot they’re not. They’re about to release their debut album called God Is War. Southern Lord had heard of the band with their self-released EP, and decided they would be good to work with. Florian Bertmer, who handled the artwork on that EP, worked with them for the cover of the new album.

The group is a supergroup of sorts, but I think using that word almost brings up Velvet Revolver or something. My point is to say that the members of All Pigs Must Die are from bands that are known by fans of underground metal:
Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy)
Ben Koller (Converge)
Adam Wentworth (Bloodhorse)
Matt Woods (Bloodhorse)

The group will be taking part in three of this summer’s The Power Of The Riff tour package:
8/13/2011 Echo/Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
8/15/2011 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
8/18/2011 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA

You can see how they are live with this following video, or listen to a song from their debut EP:

SOME STUFFS: Soundgarden harden sound for road wear

Soundgarden will be hitting the road in July, starting with a few dates in Ontario before playing the Gorge at George in Washington State. Say hello to them and rock out with your socks out. The tour will have different bands opening up for them, some of the groups you may be seeing include: The Meat Puppets, Mastodon, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Mars Volta, and Coheed and Cambria, a good way to listen to some nice hard rock with voices of trolls. If you have a sense of humor, you would’ve laughed.

July 2 Toronto, ON
July 3 London, ON
July 5 Ottawa, ON
July 6 Uncasville, CT
July 8 Newark, NJ
July 9 Wantagh, NY
July 10 Mansfield, MA
July 12 Fairfax, VA
July 13 Philadelphia, PA
July 14 Atlantic City, NJ
July 16 Chicago, IL
July 18 Morrison, CO
July 21 San Francisco, CA
July 22 Inglewood, CA
July 23 Las Vegas, NV
July 27 Calgary, AB
July 29 Vancouver, BC
July 30 George, WA

SOME STUFFS: There’s a Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey “Riot” goin’ on

One of my favorite bands, Oklahoma’s Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, are about to release a new album on August 30th called Race Riot Suite (Kinnara Records/Royal Potato Family), to be released on vinyl and the trendy digital formats of compact disc and MP3. This is their 21st album, and in true jazz form, is a suite that is meant to tell a story. In this case the suite was written by the band’s steel guitarist Chris Combs, and is meant to tell the tragic story of the 1921 Tulsa race riot. As some of you know, I am a fan of the long song and especially lengthy suites, so I am ready to explore when this is released. It is a bold statement not unlike those written by Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and Charles Mingus, and Race Riot Suite will become a part of that tradition. The band will perform the album in full while on tour, so be on the lookout for JFJO greatness.

SOME STUFFS: Double EP’s mean business for Johnny O’Connell

You might think “okay, isn’t a double EP just really an album?” If you’re a format elitist, then yes, it is. But for Johnny O’Connell, he recorded two distinct EP’s with completely different reference points. He then decided eh, why not release them as one project. It’s still two EP’s, but let the listener listen and decipher for themselves. I don’t know if he actually thought that, but it makes sense to me if he did. This double EP is called Masquerade/Korean Debutante (White Noise), and after buying and/or streaming the album and hearing it, you might then say “okay, this is just an artist with a strong keen sense of knowing how to write, and I like well written, crafty pop songs.” Then there you go, interpret and decipher as you wish to make it work for you.

This double EP is being credited as being by Johnny O’Donnell & Sacramento, and together they will be doing a small set of shows throughout the summer, with a record release party this Thursday:

06/30 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo (Record release show)
07/08 Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood
07/17 Los Angeles, CA @ La Cita
09/05 Long Beach, CA @ The Rocketboat
09/07 San Francisco, CA @ TBA
09/08 Portland, OR @ TBA
09/09 Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern

Now format junkies, you may now be thinking “wait, just because it’s a new album doesn’t mean it’s a record, because a record is vinyl, not a song or another word to replace the word album. Is this album on vinyl as well?” Yes, it is.

SOME STUFFS: NYC edge to traditional Americana sounds is Annie Crane’s mission

Celtic, folk, and Americana: not exactly styles you may consider to melt together in one place, but Annie Crane is doing just that, mixing in some of her favorite styles to listen to and play, and making it what she does for a living. Her living is represented in a new album called Jump With A Child’s Heart (Constant Clip), scheduled for release on October 4th. True to the title of the album, Crane created an album that has a positive outlook, especially one that involves seeking and obtaining what lurks in and within your hopes and dreams.

The album features contributions from The Red Hook Ramblers‘ trumpeter Jason Benjamin, The BowmansSarah Bowman, banjo wizard Alexa Woodward, along with songwriter Frank Hoier (who assisted in the production of album, and Crane’s husband, Eric Wolfson. Annie Crane – Jump With A Child’s Heart by fanaticpro

The Making of Annie Crane’s album “Jump with a Child’s Heart” from Annie Crane on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Phanatik featuring Mac the Doulos’ “Slumber Party”

I’m not sure what this video is trying to say. Apparently it was influenced by the film Inception, which I haven’t seen, so should I watch this before even having an opinion? Does the video suggest that a young man will not listen to his elders because they think that information is boring or not as worthy? I like the song and the loose concept of the video, but I’m left wondering: what?

Solid track, BTW.