VIDEO: The Yes Yes Yalls’ “Earth To Pluto”

I became familiar with Shameless Plug as a member of a music board I’m on, due to the work he did as an MC with Dumhi. Since then, he has been doing a good share of singing, and very good singing at that. In other words, he doesn’t sound like a typical MC who happens to know how to carry a note, this guy is worthy of many repeat listens. You’re probably thinking “okay, maybe you impressed me, now I have to hear th…” and then I say “okay, if you can’t see the video above this description, maybe I need to refresh you about the method.

The video above, directed by adventurer Michael J. Herbert, is one by Shameless’ project, The Yes Yes Yalls. While I’m not into robots, zombies, or horses, I feel the robot romance scene in this video is hot.

If you like it, show support by leaving a comment on the YouTube page for the video.

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