SOME STUFFS: Cover revealed for Kelly Rowland’s new album

Maybe in the shadow of Beyonce, many have wondered what happened to everyone associated with her. But even sister Solange has managed to carve a niche for herself, although it seems from afar that Kelly Rowland has not had the kind of success that many expected from her. She has a better voice, and I’ve always felt she was the more attractive of the two. But that’s me judging talent and sexiness, and that leads to a bit of ego, which arguably is something Beyonce is more familiar with.

With a new album, Rowland is letting fans in on her secret: she has never left. In fact, her new album is called Here I Am , scheduled for release on July 26th. My hope is that she will embrace the current promotional tactics that Jill Scott has done this year. There is no need to compete with anyone when you can prove, through talent and endurance, that you are your own person. Kelly Rowland has the experience, and perhaps by the end of the year, it will be HER album that will be nominated for an album for the year. Of course it has to depend on the music but the first single, “Motivation”, does borrow the Beyonce formula of using Diplo so let’s see how that works as a means of bringing attention to her and her new music in 2011.

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