SOME STUFFS: Double EP’s mean business for Johnny O’Connell

You might think “okay, isn’t a double EP just really an album?” If you’re a format elitist, then yes, it is. But for Johnny O’Connell, he recorded two distinct EP’s with completely different reference points. He then decided eh, why not release them as one project. It’s still two EP’s, but let the listener listen and decipher for themselves. I don’t know if he actually thought that, but it makes sense to me if he did. This double EP is called Masquerade/Korean Debutante (White Noise), and after buying and/or streaming the album and hearing it, you might then say “okay, this is just an artist with a strong keen sense of knowing how to write, and I like well written, crafty pop songs.” Then there you go, interpret and decipher as you wish to make it work for you.

This double EP is being credited as being by Johnny O’Donnell & Sacramento, and together they will be doing a small set of shows throughout the summer, with a record release party this Thursday:

06/30 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo (Record release show)
07/08 Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood
07/17 Los Angeles, CA @ La Cita
09/05 Long Beach, CA @ The Rocketboat
09/07 San Francisco, CA @ TBA
09/08 Portland, OR @ TBA
09/09 Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern

Now format junkies, you may now be thinking “wait, just because it’s a new album doesn’t mean it’s a record, because a record is vinyl, not a song or another word to replace the word album. Is this album on vinyl as well?” Yes, it is.

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