SOME STUFFS: Who’s Afraid of an Art Of Noise deluxe edition?

The influence of Art Of Noise continues almost 30 years after the release of their cherished Zang Tuum Tumb material, and even though AoN now have a box set to their name, fans will happy to know that there’s more.

A CD/DVD deluxe edition of 1984’s (Who’s Afraid Of) The Art Of Noise will be released on September 5th via ZTT/Salvo, and it will contain the album in full, plus two radio performances from 1984 and 1985 that have not had wide circulation. What will be of high interest is the DVD which features different edits of the “Beat Box”, “Moments In Love”, and “Close (To The Edit)” videos, including a “cinema version” of “Close (To The Edit)” that was shown in movie theaters only in the UK, plus an AoN documentary, live footage, and apparently some Easter Eggs.

BBC Radio 4 has a show called Making Tracks, and it recently focused on Basing Street Studios, originally a studio for Island Records, which would later become known as SARM Studios, the mecca for all that represented ZTT, along with a number of other productions. The show featured ZTT’s Paul Morley speaking about the rich history of the studio, and you can listen to the show in full by clicking the Soundcloud player below.

For more greatness of the empire, click on over to Making Tracks – Basing Street Studios, now SARM – Trevor Horn, Chris Blackwell by TheChrisGregory

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