VIDEO: Snow Tha Product “Holy Shit”

There are some incredible female MC’s out there, and always have been but there has always been a mentality that “it should be left to the boys”. I’ve always wanted variety, and often times it was the ladies who would end up dishing out some of the deepest lyrics out there. You can go back and name some of the best, but look at… well, it’s hard to find any female MC’s out today who is gaining any mainstream attention in a big fashion, and usually those that are gaining attention are doing so because of fashion. Yes, I’m speaking of Nicki Minak, whom I do like as a rapper but everyone sees a woman and immediately it’s like “ooh, be my fantasy baby”. There’s more to it than that, and on one end you can have someone like Nicki who is doing it in her own unique way. You also have someone like Eternia, who I feel is the MC Serch of her generation.

Then there’s Snow Tha Product.

This is “Licky Boom Boom Down” Snow, and that should be obvious for this Snow is a woman. So what exactly is this “product”? Is she suggesting that she is as hard and intense as a hit of cocaine, the “product” in some circles? Is she suggesting that once you flirt with her lyrical aromas and you get too close, you’ll get hit in more ways than one to the point where you don’t know if you’re in a coma or overdosed? No, I’m not reading any bio which is telling me to cut and paste these words, I’m coming up with this out of my own head, just as Snow Tha Product does with her lyrics.

CON: Some of the videos have been short in length, and I’m thinking “c’mon, I want to see and hear more.” Then again, she probably is doing this like the role of your neighborhood drug dealer. Take a free hit. Go ahead, take it. Aaah, that one reaching your blood stream just right, right? Good. You’ll need it again, I know it will. I’ll be around, and if you want more, you’ll know exactly where to go and no, the next hit will not be for free. See? Snow is Tha Product, but I think if she has good people backing her, she will not treat herself as mere product. She will produce, she will be productive, and with luck she’ll be playing the game of supply and demand. In other words, say hello to your lil’ friend.

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