VIDEO: Stuart Newman’s “Darken Mood”

Stuart Newman is someone who popped up in my Twitter timeline and he had asked to check out his music, saying he was on the mellow/soft rock side of things. I’m a fan of that so I went to listen. I liked his work, and some of the videos were abstract but enjoyable to watch. I tend to try to post the latest projects from artists, which lead me to this one, posted by Newman in late April of this year. The song is called “Darken Mood” and unlike some of the other tracks on his YouTube page, this one is instrumental. Very somber but I’ve often found that when an artist reveals that dark side, it allows the listener to feel a bit more. It’s an audio movie, and I like that, plus the video is abstract too.

Balance this out with his other songs, and it shows some of the range of this singer/songwriter/musician. It will be interesting to see what place he’ll end up in with future material.

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