REVIEW: Geoff Geis’ “Princess”

Photobucket It is uncertain if Geoff Geis felt like a Princess on his new EP… or is it short album (it’s actually 11 songs, but runs under 25 minutes so call it what you wish)? Nonetheless, Geis’ music sounds like he recorded this over a weekend or two on his own, playing everything from bass and guitar to drum machines and an Omnichord, but creating songs that are sure to please admirers of the clever eclectic pop of They Might Be Giants and early Beck. There is a slightly humorous side to Geis’ music, but it sounds like he’s in on the joke but wants everyone to know “laugh and smile along with me, and we can get through this life together”, as these songs touch on the banality of life, which can often make us laugh or cry at the same time. These songs are keyboard rich, one might call it techno pop/electro pop, but very much showing the richness of what made these styles of music work in the late 70’s/early 80’s. It may sound quirky and almost odd to hear this in 2011, but beyond that, these songs are well written and are perhaps better than most of what you hear on the radio these days. There are beginnings, middles, and ends in these songs, stories that sound like they came from him and not just “oh, I wish these stories I am writing could happen to be one day”. If he speaks of discovering what love means, you might reflect on your own experiences, and through his music you might be able to have a sense of what he was feeling. It’s not all incense and peppermints here, but it’s nice to hear someone be so honest, or at least make an effort to create candid songs that are believable.

Maybe as an ode to the era he is influenced from in these songs, Princess can be purchased as a cassette.

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