REVIEW: Pitbull’s “Planet Pit”

Photobucket If you’re a Pitbull plan who wants to be validated by reading something that will tell you that his new album is one of the best of 2011, may I ask for you to go somewhere else. Scroll down, click away, shut the tab, whatever you do, do not proceed with this review.

Still here? You have been warned.

I do not have anything against Pitbull, it’s hard to not hear him when he pops up frequently. Because of that frequency, his album is meant to be a way to say “I’m here, I have lots of new music, let’s make this work.” The problem is, I have no idea how this guy is working. Let me take that back. When I listened to Planet Pit I can hear why he’s working: he makes music specifically for women and the dance floor, it’s a party music, and nothing against partying. A few years ago, he used to be a bit more diverse and the odd thing is, throughout this album he calls himself “Mr. Worldwide” which to me means he wants to portray himself as worldly. Either that, or it’s a sexual reference which says he is willing to do anything from such toes to committing analingus. That’s fine. But in the song called “Mr. Worldwide” he says he’s Mr. Worldwide and tries to explain why he’s Mr. Worldwide but never gets to the point. Is the point to hear the album as an explanation because if so, I honestly don’t know why anyone would listen to song one. Give me the reason on top, give me something that will make me want to listen more.

There’s also a song here where he claims that with the power of his penis, he will be able to make women sing operatically. Fantastic, more power to Pitbull’s wang but it just sounds so damn corny. In fact, musically and lyrically, this is one of the more cornball things I’ve heard in a longtime, and I tend to like corn. You can turn corn/maize into a number of products, but why waste it on crap like this when it can be turned into tortillas, make-up, or ethanol? There’s no fuel in this and I’m sorry, if people like NE-YO, Jamie Foxx, and Marc Anthony joined forces with Pitball just to be visible to the public, they should’ve went elsewhere.

Let me be perfectly clear here. The production on this is great, in terms of pop and dance music. Pitbull and his people have good ears and knows what will please his audiences, so one mark for him on that. The sad thing is that Pitbull actually has a decent voice, and could be dropping some serious hip-hop right now, and I’m talking in a Fat Joe or Beatnuts sense, and yet I almost have a feeling that even if he did make hip-hop, the songs that would gain attention are the more pop-friendly remixes, so maybe he needs to be where he is now, in order for attention, fame and money. You can’t knock a hustle that works for him, and for that I congratulate him, but I laugh because it all sounds like a joke to me and Pitbull would be the kind of guy who would say “you know what man? I’m fucking laughing to the bank too.”

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