REVIEW: Sizzla’s “The Scriptures”

Photobucket A few days ago, I reviewed a new Sizzla album called Welcome To The Good Life. As I stated in my review, I usually ride for most of his music, exploring his strong political side, his tendency to be rough and slack, and also his romantic side, but Welcome To The Good Life seemed to cater too much to the romantic side, at least for my ears. I had said in my review that regardless of how I felt, I knew there would always be more music from him, perhaps in styles I would prefer to hear from here. This is that more.

The Scriptures (John John) is pretty much a roots reggae album, so if you enjoyed albums like Praise Ye Jah and Black Woman & Child, plus the string of songs where he shies away from his more adventurous and mainstream tendencies will love this. On this album, he praises women and he praises Jah, so it’s the good Sizzla that he has always been capable of doing, complete with beautiful echo chambers, horns, guitars, and deep bass that will make you want to visit Jamaica and thank him personally.

For those you tend to love his admiration of auto-tune love songs, you’re not going to hear that here. This is more on the traditional side of reggae, where Sizzla sings with the voice that started his career, using his falsettos sparingly. It’s an album I’ve played a number of times, and I’m glad he has the heart to dip in and out of styles simply to have more music (and product) for people to buy. If you have enjoyed Sizzla’s self-proclaimed Scriptures, this will be the album to buy. It does offer a unique balance to the i>Welcome To The Good Life album, although some may prefer one over the other. I’ll take both, but it is this one I’ll be returning to many times over.

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